Needs Based Selling and Sales Coaching

Regional Bank - Needs Based Selling and Sales Coaching

Regional Bank - Needs Based Selling and Sales Coaching

Regional bank builds sales and service culture

Business Issue

A regional bank was losing customers, which was validated by poor ratings observed through mystery shoppers, and needed to build a sales and service culture.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

During the assessment phase we studied the mystery shop results, conducted focus groups with the branch managers, and interviewed senior management. It became clear that two initiatives were needed. The first initiative was a sales coaching workshop for the managers to enable them to coach and reinforce the selling and service skills. The second initiative was to deliver a series of needs based selling skills modules for the tellers and platform personnel. For example: how to wow your customers; cross-selling; and questioning and listening for needs.

Sales Training Solution

STAR designed and presented our Coaching for Sales Success workshop for the branch managers and various selling skills modules for all the tellers and platform people. Quantifiably, the next mystery shop data showed dramatic improvement in the customer service and selling areas. In addition, the managers were unanimous that the training helped their employees develop more confidence and a positive attitude toward sales.  

Now Available:  An entire Needs Based Selling for Banks Training series is available Online (Web-Based) at the following link:

Needs Based Selling for Banks  

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