Are you using Closing Techniques that don't work?

Posted on 10/10/2017 in Selling Skills

Consider these two statements:

  1. High pressure closing techniques tend to breed mistrust and resistance from most customers.
  2. The most successful sales professionals build relationships based on trust.

Without trust, it is less likely – if not impossible – that a customer will buy from you.  This is why successful sales professionals do not use high pressure closing techniques and instead use a technique we call Agreeing to Action

Agreeing to action involves making a recommendation for a next step or options that make sense based on your customer’s needs and the situation. Rather than asking for the sale too soon, it is often better to ask for the next action in a series of steps. 

Here are some examples of great Agreeing to Action questions:

  • “Would it be helpful for you to do a 30 day trial before committing to a contract?”
  • “With our premium clients we include a dedicated live technical service representative. If I could get that approved for you, would you be willing to start with us next month?”
  • “Could I bring along my technical service specialist to our meeting next Friday?  She can provide more expertise and answer questions about our customization and installation procedures.
  • “Does our proposal solve your shipping delay problems?” If yes, then “What do we need to do to set the contract effective January 1?” 

A salesperson needs to do a thorough job of building trust with the customer by asking questions to understand needs, and then build in incremental decisions that are comfortable for the customer during the sales process.  The final question to ask for the sale will be the logical next step and there should be no barrier to a decision.  The customer will trust the salesperson and will feel comfortable moving forward.  

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