Avoid These Common Mistakes that Actually Increase sales objections

Posted on 11/09/2017 in Selling Skills

Many salespeople repeatedly make the same common mistakes during sales calls that actually increase the likelihood that a customer will express an objection.  

Some objections can be avoided or handled effectively with some advance planning.  Try to predict the types of objections a customer will raise and prepare your responses. Even better, try to eliminate the objections you expect to hear before they are raised by the customer. Finally, avoid making the mistakes listed below and you will enjoy increased sales success.  

Common mistakes salespeople make that will increase sales objections

  1. Failure to build rapport and relationships.  Especially during the opening stage of the sales call concentrate on building and strengthening relationships with each customer. If a customer doesn’t like you, they will look for a reason to object.

  2. Failure to ask questions about the customer’s needs, issues, and concerns. By asking questions and listening, it reassures the customer that your product/service is the best solution. Paraphrase the customer’s needs and link it to your recommendation.

  3. Feature dumping – talking too much and providing irrelevant information.  Don’t feature dump! Instead, highlight the two or three strongest benefits for a specific customer and be sure to cite the WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?  (me = customer).

  4. Using High pressure closing techniques – If you close too soon and too often, many customers will resent what you are doing and not want to buy from you. Instead, advance the sale forward with an action step.

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