Sales Training Curriculum

Sales Curriculum

Sales Curriculum

Benefits of a Sales Curriculum 

  1. Your salespeople learn the right skills at exactly the right time in their career. Unlike a single sales workshop, which can feel like an isolated event, you develop the skills of your people in a systematic way and purposeful sequence.
  2. You select a series of core and elective workshops that match the exact sales training needs of your organization.  STAR offers a wide range of workshops and will customize the content for each workshop for you.  You choose the workshops that fit best for you.
  3. A sales curriculum works well with internal instructors, which can save you money and provide other intangible benefits such as developing your people to become internal coaches and trainers.  STAR’s trainer training process and resources allow you to certify your own instructors quickly.  Visit our Trainer Training page for more information on these resources and this option.
  4. Small and large companies can implement a sales curriculum in a cost-effective way by working with STAR. Each subsequent workshop is designed by STAR to reinforce the prior workshop to help you maximize the return on investment of your prior training. STAR has developed easy-to-use Leader’s Guides and resources so you can implement a sales curriculum in a very cost-effective way by using your own instructors.

Learn More about STAR’s Sales Curriculum Option

Watch our Sales Curriculum video and view our Leader Guide Sample to learn more about why you should consider using a sales training curriculum. We also recommend that you speak with a STAR consultant so that we can learn more about your exact needs and then recommend a sales curriculum that will match your needs. 

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