Sales Training Programs

Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR) provides all of our sales, sales management and customer service training programs customized and in a delivery format that best suits our client’s needs. You decide the content and duration that will accomplish your goals, then we determine the best delivery method to meet your audience and sales territory requirements. Delivery options include instructor-led sales training, online sales training, blended learning, sales coaching, train-the-trainer programs and curriculum design.

Instructor-led Sales Training - STAR’s sales training modules can be combined and customized to create highly interactive sales programs. Visit our Sales Workshops page to learn more about our sales, sales management, and customer service workshops.

Online Sales Training Webinars - STAR’s Online Sales Training programs are offered in two formats; client-customized live events, and on-demand pre-recorded events. Our customized online sales training programs are designed to provide as much interaction as possible. Take a test drive of one or more of our free on-demand training sessions.

Blended Learning - Often, the best solution is a combination of delivery options. For example, several weeks after attending a traditional classroom workshop, a post reinforcement session using online learning provides a cost–effective and efficient way to bring participants back together in a virtual classroom to reinforce the key selling skills learned.

Sales Coaching - One-on-one coaching for sales professionals, sales managers and executives is conducted in the form of face-to face meetings, joint sales calls, and over the telephone.

Train-the-Trainer Programs - Leader guides and trainer training programs are available for all STAR training. Take a look at our Key Account Management Leader Guide sample.

Sales Curriculum Some clients prefer to have us design a complete turn-key Sales Curriculum. This allows clients to use their own internal sales trainers to teach everyone from newly hired to senior salespeople in a logical and purposeful sequence in their careers.

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