Sales training for experienced sales professionals

For Experienced Salespeople

For Experienced Salespeople

Experienced Salespeople Need to Sharpen Their Skills

Because selling continues to evolve and customers have become increasingly sophisticated and demanding, it is crucial that your experienced sales professionals continue to sharpen and improve their selling skills.   

Three Success Factors for Training Experienced Salespeople

Sales training for experienced salespeople needs to keep these three principles in mind: 

  1. Utilize their sales experience and expertise. STAR does this by including a lot of brainstorm and discussion activities in our advanced sales workshops.  We don’t give long lectures to experienced sales professionals.
  2. Focus on advanced concepts.  We don’t insult their intelligence and experience level by spending time on basic concepts. Instead, they learn advanced skills such as IDEAL® Questioning, key account management, and team selling.
  3. Make it application-oriented, not theoretical. All of STAR’s advanced workshops require that the salesperson bring an important sales opportunity to the workshop to share and discuss with peers and the instructor. Each person leaves the workshop with a detailed action plan to use at this account.

STAR’s Advanced Workshops for Experienced Salespeople

STAR has designed several workshops for experienced salespeople. We consult with you to select the most relevant workshops, recommend a desired sequence, and customize the content and practice activities for you.   

Here are the recommended workshops for experienced sales professionals:

We encourage you to speak with a STAR consultant so that we can learn more about your sales training needs and then suggest the workshops and delivery options that would be most applicable for you.

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