Team Selling Training

Major Mutual Fund Company - Team Selling Training

Major Mutual Fund Company - Team Selling Training

Major mutual fund company transitioned to a team selling approach

Business Issue

A major mutual fund company felt that they could service their key accounts more effectively by using sales teams, but formed the teams without providing the necessary skills to the new team leaders.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

A few months after they had implemented a team selling initiative, Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR) interviewed the senior managers and internal training team to assess what was working well and what needed improvement.  Although some teams were doing well, most of the teams were not meeting the expected results such as client growth and retention.

Sales Training Solution

STAR's Team Selling Workshop fit exactly with their expressed training needs.  Customized role plays were written in advance to ensure practice opportunities for individual real life situations.  In order to have the greatest possible positive impact, intact sales teams were sent to the same workshop.  This allowed the STAR instructor to also provide some consultative support to the different sales teams.  All the team leaders were given a post-workshop team survey so that they could assess future areas for improvement.

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