Sales training by experience level

For Sales People

For Sales People

Selling Has Evolved - Has Your Sales Training Changed Accordingly?

STAR offers a wide choice of workshops for salespeople.  We customize each workshop to ensure that the skills / topics and practice activities are relevant to your sales team.  Learn more about your choices and our customization process by watching the 'Why STAR?' Video

How Does the Experience Level of Your Sales Team Affect the Sales Training?

STAR has found that it is most effective to develop a sales training curriculum based on the experience level of the sales team. Specifically:

  • Sales Training for Newer Salespeople 
    New salespeople should attend a core sequence of sales training workshops. Ideally, you want to teach all salespeople new to your organization the sales process that you want them to follow, including those essential selling skills and competencies needed for sales success.
  • Sales Training for Experienced salespeople
    Experienced salespeople require selective sales training that corresponds to their individual development needs.  Don’t overlook the opportunity to send your experienced salespeople to sales training workshops. 

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