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Athletic Apparel Manufacturer - Sales Training Needed to Bring in New Business

Athletic Apparel Manufacturer - Sales Training Needed to Bring in New Business

Manufacturing Industry Sales Training

One of the leading manufacturing firms for athletic shoes and apparel had reached a plateau in sales, and needed to sharpen the ability of the sales force to sell and market new products.

Business Issue

Due to increased competition within the United States and from overseas firms, sales had plateaued and market share had declined.  Management needed to introduce a line of new athletic shoes, and felt that the sales force had to upgrade their selling skills to support the new marketing and promotional campaign.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

New management had been brought in as a result of the decline in market share.  Although the sales force had strong customer relationships with current clients, management did not feel that they had the necessary selling skills to be successful "hunters" for new business.   In particular, management wanted them to become better at closing and handling objections.

Sales Training Solution

Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR) was selected to design and teach a customized sales training program to address all of the needs identified above.  A combination of our Essential Selling Skills and Selling on Value workshops provided the training content.  During the workshop each salesperson had an opportunity to apply the skills to an actual new customer situation.

Additional training materials available for managers through our Sales Meeting Kit product line, specifically the Questioning Skills and Elevator Speech kits. 

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