Sales Training Curriculum

Technology Consulting Firm - Sales Training Curriculum

Technology Consulting Firm - Sales Training Curriculum

Technology Industry Sales Training

Technology Consulting Firm needed to upgrade the client relationship skills of the sales force to reverse higher than expected attrition in current customer

Business Issue 

An information technology consulting firm had successfully focused on prospecting and bringing in new customers.  The sales force had done well at this, but unfortunately, had lost focus and attention with their current customer base.  The situation had deteriorated to the point where the number of new customers did not match attrition of existing customers. 

Sales Training Needs Assessment

STAR consulted with the top sales executive and owners of the firm to assess the major selling skill gaps for the sales force to do a better job of building and maintaining customer relationships.  A customized selling skills survey was used to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of each account executive. 

Sales Training Solution

STAR designed a sales training curriculum to be implemented on a monthly basis with the entire sales force.  Topics included how to enhance existing customer relationships, how to Selling on Value, how to present effectively to higher-level decision makers, and prioritizing available selling time to strike an optimal balance between prospecting and customer management.  Management was also provided with a series of Sample Reinforcement Kit, so that they can work with each salesperson one-on-one to retain and use the skills.

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