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IT Consulting Firm - Sales and Business Development Training

IT Consulting Firm - Sales and Business Development Training

Technology Industry Sales Training

Information Technology consulting firm needed to upgrade the selling skills of their expanding sales force, with emphasis on new business development

Business Issue

A mid-sized IT consulting firm was in a growth mode but the sales force did not meet three consecutive quarterly targets for sales growth with new clients.  Sales management and the principals in the firm hired some new salespeople, but results did not improve substantially. 

Sales Training Needs Assessment

STAR worked with the Sales Manager to diagnose the underlying reasons for the performance gap.  Three inter-related issues emerged: first and primarily, it became apparent that the entire sales team was more comfortable in selling and servicing existing clients rather than prospecting for new clients.  They were trapped in their "comfort zone”.  Second, the sales team followed no consistent sales process because each of them had worked at different companies, with differing sales methodologies, in the recent past. Finally, from a skill-development perspective, most of the sales team made the mistake of making "canned” sales presentations rather than tailoring their approach to each individual prospective customer. 

Sales Training Solution

Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR) designed a series of 1-day customized workshops based on a combination of modules from our Sales Presentation Skills and Sales Prospecting and Business Development workshops.  STAR worked extensively with the entire sales team, as well as 1-on-1 reviews of videotaped sales presentations, to provide individualized feedback to each sales professional.  Sales targets for the next quarter and beyond were met or exceeded by every salesperson. 

Additional training materials available for managers through our Sales Meeting Kits product line, specifically the Questioning Skills, Elevator Speeches, and Pre-Call Planning kits. 

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