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Specialty Telecommunications Firm - Contract Negotiation Skills Needed for Final Terms and Conditions

Specialty Telecommunications Firm - Contract Negotiation Skills Needed for Final Terms and Conditions

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Business Issues

A technology leader in a specialized telecommunication segment was recognized as one of two dominant worldwide suppliers. The ability of this firm to offer innovative and technologically superior solutions allowed them to win a disproportionate number of new clients. However, their technological superiority did not reflect itself in the terms and conditions of the final contracts. Management felt that a lack of negotiation savvy by their employees caused some inter-related problems, notably conceding too much, not responding to tough demands by the client ("I’ll go to the other provider if you don’t agree”), and losing control of the negotiation.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

The client shared the business issues cited above with STAR, and STAR did some follow-up interviews with management to validate the above comments and to gather additional information. We verified that the initial issues were correct (for example, "our people concede too much, too soon”) but we also identified some additional issues, such as how to plan better for a negotiation and how to form and negotiate effectively as a team.

Sales Training Solution

Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR) designed a customized contract Sales Negotiation Skills workshop to address these challenges, drawing notably on STAR workshops such as Sales Negotiating Skills and Team Selling.  Client-specific negotiation case studies were written to ensure that all of the practice activities were very realistic. A series of reinforcement tools and resources were also provided, notably several email reinforcement kits. Management and employees attended the workshop together, and the initial assessment of management was that everyone learned how to plan effectively for contract negotiations, and to become much more skillful at getting and giving concessions.

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