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The STAR Sales Training Advantage

Sales is the backbone of your business - without it, your bottom line would suffer. Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR), the Boston, Massachusetts and South Carolina-based sales training experts, can help you reach - and even exceed - your revenue goals with a unique blend of sales training programs and reinforcement services and consulting and sales coaching services.

All STAR sales training programs are customized for your business. STAR doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all sales training. We customize our sales training workshops to fit your company's industry, needs, challenges and goals.
Our interactive sales training programs focus on real-life application. STAR's teaching methods ensure that your salespeople understand and retain the sales techniques and skills so that they can apply it effectively. The result is increased sales, improved customer retention, and measurable results.
STAR provides a full line of sales and sales management workshops. Clients choose from various training delivery methods, including traditional instructor-led sales training, sales coaching, train-the-trainer programs, sales curriculum, or blended learning (a combination of delivery methods) that work best for your needs.
All STAR instructors have at least 10 years experience in sales and business. Instructors are assigned to a client based on industry experience. This ensures that the instructor can draw from relevant industry experience during class discussion, when facilitating real life role-play activities, and practice exercises.
We provide sales training reinforcement services to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your sales force. STAR knows how important skill retention is for sales success. Statistics show that participants generally forget 90% of what they learn at a workshop within one month. That's why we go above and beyond a one-time sales training programs - we go the extra mile to ensure your success by providing a variety of sales coaching and reinforcement services to help participants retain new skills and apply them to real life situations.

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