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For Sales Management

For Sales Management

Managers Play an Integral Role in the Sales Training Process

Management commitment and participation is essential to the success of a sales training initiative. More than anyone else, the manager is responsible for the long term development of the skills and capabilities of his/her entire sales team.   

Training for Sales Managers
Whenever possible, sales managers should attend the sales training workshops withe their sales team so that they can learn which skills and competencies should be reinforced after the workshop is over. This allows the managers to observe firsthand which skills/concepts need more attention.   

STAR Workshops designed specifically for an audience of sales managers include:

Coaching by Sales Managers
Coaching by the sales manager is the most effective way to reinforce the skills that the sales team learns in their sales training workshops. Managers should attend STAR’s Coaching for Sales Success workshop  to learn a coaching process and other coaching tips such as how to motivate a sales team.  

Online Sales Training Options
Online products designed to help Sales Managers train their sales team include the Essential Selling Skills series and Sales Meeting Kits. The Essential Selling Skills online series works especially well with newer salespeople, providing a comprehensive overview of selling skills divided into twelve 30-minute sessions. Managers use Sales Meeting Kits to help plan and lead skill-building sessions on Pre-Call Planning, Elevator Speeches, Questioning Skills, Selling on Value Not Price, Giving and Getting Concessions when Negotiating, and Handling Objections.  

Train-the-Trainer for Sales Managers
Some sales managers prefer to do the sales training themselves. STAR has designed a wide range of easy-to-use Leader’s Guides so that managers and others at your company can become the internal instructors for a sales training workshop.   We also have a wide range of recorded Online Sales Training that managers can use as the teaching content at a sales meeting.   

One-on-One Coaching for Sales Managers
STAR provides 1-on-1 coaching for sales managers and top executives.  The coaching is tailored to fit your specific needs. For example, we can provide advice to managers on how to initiate a key account management program or serve as a sounding board and help a manager resolve any sales management issues. 

Sales Coaching Resources
All sales professionals need coaching and the sales manager's job is to individually coach each member of his or her sales team to their fullest potential.   

We encourage you to speak with a STAR consultant so that we can learn more about your sales training needs and then suggest the workshops and delivery options that would be most applicable for you.

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