Coach/Teach Salespeople on Negotiation Concessions

Giving and Getting Concessions when Negotiating

Giving and Getting Concessions when Negotiating

Plan your next sales meeting using our online do-it-yourself Giving and Getting Concessions when Negotiating Sales Meeting Kit.  This kit includes everything a sales manager needs to conduct a skills clinic for the entire sales team on negotiation concessions. The duration of this session is 90 minutes, which can be split into two or three shorter sessions if desired.   

Negotiation Concessions Sales Meeting Kit available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and FrenchNeed Sales Training or Coaching in Spanish? Schedule a time to talk with our Senior Bilingual Instructor. (English Bio) (Spanish Bio).

How can this help your sales team? Conceding too much, too soon, is the most common mistake made by average sales negotiators. Successful negotiators have learned through experience to eliminate this mistake. Exchange, or give-and-take, is the essence of negotiation. This kit will improve the ability of the sales team to explore for and exchange currencies other than price. Your salespeople will reach better and more profitable agreements by applying the concepts in this kit to an upcoming negotiation. 

The Giving and Getting Concessions When Negotiating Sales Meeting Kit Includes: 

1. Participant Handout (Handout Sample):

  • Three most common mistakes made by average negotiators
  • Definitions and examples of prime, alternative and elegant currencies of exchange, followed by a brainstorm activity 
  • Guidelines on giving and getting concessions
  • Negotiation planning form worksheet, including a role play practice activity 

2. Video (video sample):

  • The three most common mistakes made by average sales negotiators, and some advice on how to avoid making these mistakes. 
  • Examples and definitions on Currencies of Exchange other than price. The most successful sales negotiators use these alternative currencies to reach win/win agreements. 
  • Five practical tips about giving and getting concessions. 

3. Manager’s Notes (Managers Notes Sample): Provides step by step guidance on how to run the Giving and Getting Concessions When Negotiating sales meeting from start to finish, including leading the brainstorm and planning. 

Also available: A free Teaching Tips Handout provides practical advice on how salespeople learn best.  

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