Needs Based Selling

Needs Based Selling for Banks

Needs Based Selling for Banks

The Needs Based Selling for Banks online series is currently being redesigned. Please contact us at or call 781-934-0900 to learn more about the Needs Based Selling Series or other sales training programs. 

The Needs Based Selling for Banks online series, which includes over 5 hours of sales training teaches a needs-based sales process designed to build rapport, determine customer needs and present a value solution to increase customer retention and generate additional profits.  The Needs Based Selling for Banks series can be purchased at a discount for $145 or individual online modules may be purchased for $49 each. The series is divided into 5 sessions, ranging from 62 to 85 minutes in duration.


Needs Based Selling for Banks
Online Series:

  1. Needs Based Selling Overview 
  2. Questioning and Listening for Needs
  3. Presenting Information & Cross-Selling
  4. Strengthening Relationships and
    Following Up with Customers
  5. Handling Objections, Complaints
    & Difficult Customers

Sales Managers and Training Managers who buy the Needs Based Selling for Banks online training series also buy Sales Meeting Kits to teach interactive skill-building sessions to the members of their sales team.  

Needs Based Selling for Banks in-person workshops: Please contact us for more details if you are interested in our Needs Based Selling for Banks in-person workshops which can be customized in both content and duration.  

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Needs Based Selling is both a skill and an attitude, and is something that needs to be practiced by everyone at your bank or credit union who interacts with customers. By design, it will improve and deepen customer relationships and loyalty, resulting in increased profitability and customer retention.  This series teaches the skills to become an outstanding needs based seller. 

The needs based sales process involves building rapport with customers, asking great questions to determine needs, and then presenting information in a clear and compelling way.  When done well, the customer feels confident that your bank service and/or product will meet their need and perceives you positively as an advisor, rather than as a pushy salesperson.   

Bank employees and branch managers will benefit from this training. Bank employees will upgrade their skills to use a Needs Based Selling approach. Branch managers can use this training series to ensure that their entire branch practices and uses the same selling skills and approach, and to build a sales culture at the bank.   

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