Selling on Value Workshop

Selling on Value

Selling on Value

Workshop Description

Selling on value, when done well and with the right accounts, strengthens the business relationship, enhances customer retention, and increases sales and profits for both sides.  The challenge is to do it well.  Many sales professionals still revert to selling on price and making other price-related concessions.  Participants in the Selling on Value workshop will learn how to use factors other than price, especially those factors that differentiate and set you apart.  

The Selling on Value workshop content, duration, and delivery options can be customized for your company and primary audience. STAR provides a full line of customized sales and sales management workshops, offering instructor-led training, online sales training, and sales coaching. Spanish sales training workshops and Spanish one-on-one coaching services available.

Who Should Attend?

If you have previously attended the Essential Selling Skills (ESS) workshop, this workshop complements what you learned in ESS. However, it is not a prerequisite. The Selling on Value workshop is well suited for all salespeople, regardless of experience level.  Anyone involved in the process of selling products or services, with the desire to improve their selling skills, increase profits, and retain a loyal customer base, will benefit from this workshop.   

Workshop Topics and Objectives

  • Value-Added Selling Model — Introduction to a model and overview of the "how”, "what”, and "who” of value-based selling.  You cannot sell well on value if you don’t know the customer’s critical needs and how you can most effectively meet those needs.
  • Creating and Quantifying Your Value Offer — Learn a practical 4-step method to plan and quantify your value proposition in specific, measurable terms that have high impact for the customer.  
  • Selling and Communicating Your Value Offer — Guidelines on how to present your value proposition most persuasively, with emphasis on how to avoid the three most common mistakes made by sales professionals.
  • Strengthening Relationships with Higher Level Decision Makers — Value selling requires that you sell well to higher level decision makers.  You will learn how to vary your selling style in order to build rapport with different decision makers.  A prework self-survey (part 2 of the same self-survey used in Essential Selling Skills) will be used to assess your natural selling style.
  • Developing an Account Strategy — A planning process gives each participant an opportunity to apply the concepts to an actual account. 

Online Training Options: The Essential Selling Skills online series, which includes nearly 6 hours of online sales training, focuses on the skills needed to sell effectively in today's business environment and provides practical tools to help you become a more consultative and value oriented sales professional. Session 9 Selling on Value is a 32 minute on-demand training session that includes a video, handout, planning form and quiz. 

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