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Computer Manufacturer - Sales and Influence Training

Computer Manufacturer - Sales and Influence Training

Technology Industry Sales Training

Computer manufacturer decentralized their operation and formed a series of sales teams to manage major accounts

Business Issue

After a series of major account issues surfaced, a computer manufacturer decided to reorganize their sales force.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

Rather than rely on the traditional, "Lone Ranger" approach to selling, the company formed a series of sales teams, each team to either be responsible for a major account or market segment.  After consultation with management there were three main training needs identified for the newly formed sales force.

Sales Training Solution

Sales Training And Results, Inc. designed a workshop based on our Influence Skills and Essential Selling Skills workshops.  The workshop was designed to accomplish the following three objectives; first, how to form and lead a sales team; second, how to provide selling skills to those team members that previously had not been expected to support the sales effort; and, third, how to influence other colleagues inside the organization to obtain the necessary resources to resolve special customer requests.

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