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Consulting and Professional Services

Success Stories 

Engineering and Consulting Firm - Online Sales Training and Management Consultation

The sales force from an engineering and consulting firm needed a unified sales approach and methodology. Upper management decided that online sales training workshops would be the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to teach everyone a needs-based sales process that they could all follow.

Human Resources Outsourcing Firm - Influence and Negotiation Skills Training

An HR outsourcing firm had built its business by offering customized products and service to large corporate clients, and needed to convert these clients toward more standard offerings in order to free up resources and improve profitability. 

Management Consulting Firm - Customer Service and Influence

Management consulting firm needs a core set of customer service and influence skills 

International Consulting Firm - Cross Selling Training

International consulting firm transforms from "reluctant sellers" to "consultative professionals" with cross-selling training 

New Consulting Firm - Sales Presentation Skills Training

New consulting firm identifies need to improve presentation skills at client meetings 

International Consulting Firm - Prospecting and Business Development Training

Consulting firm needs prospecting and business development skills upgrade to meet sales targets

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